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Join us for an Oriole Landscaping Open House!

George giving presentation to landscapers

Discover the secrets that drive success!

We’re George Urvari & Peter Guinane, owners of Oriole Landscaping and Knowledge Tree Consulting, and we’re inviting you to our business for a peek behind the scenes, where we share what makes Oriole so successful. 

You’ll get to tour our facilities and be introduced to the tools and techniques we’ve developed over the past 35 years. The goal is to help your business become more profitable while avoiding costly mistakes. 

In this workshop you’ll discover how to:

  • Make better decisions for your company

  • Get more respect from your customers and staff

  • Make changes to improve your business

  • Become industry leaders

  • Use software and organizational techniques to become more profitable 

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George giving presentation to landscapers outside

When is the event?

It’s a one-day workshop that runs from 10 AM to 3 PM and includes breaks (snacks and coffee provided).

You can choose to attend on Saturday, October 15, or Sunday, October 16, whichever date works best for you.

Where is the event?

The event is being held at Oriole Landscaping, 36 Northline Road in Toronto.

Don’t miss your opportunity to pick our brains and discovers the efficiencies and processes that not only make business easy, but profitable!

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George explaining

People who attended our workshops in the past report:

  • Their businesses are running smoother

  • They are less stressed

  • Saw their business increase — some by as much as 300%!

  • They became better, more confident leaders

  • Worked fewer hours while being more productive

  • Their team is more motivated

  • They were able to save time and money by following organizational tips 

  • Garage shop and yard became better organized and more efficient

We look forward to seeing you there! 

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George Urvari & Peter Guinane
Owners, Oriole Landscaping & Knowledge Tree Consulting

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