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Learn Oriole's proven processes to avoid mistakes, accelerate profits and enjoy a flourishing company.

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Make better business decisions.

Together, we’ll determine which areas are critical to your company’s smooth operation and need improvement. From there we’ll develop a plan that gives your team strategic direction and you’ll have a better understanding of what to do, what not to do and how to make wise business decisions.

Determine your priorities.

Businesses have countless challenges, and it’s next to impossible to fix them all at the same time. We’ll help you prioritize your issues and develop a plan to repair your company, one problem at a time.

Embrace the process.

Once systems have been put in place, share them with your team and be sure to follow them consistently. This will keep everything running smoothly so your company can reach its full potential.

Empower your team.

By developing and following an in-house program, you and your leadership team will learn and grow together. By using proven systems and processes everyone will be on the same page, making it easier for management to help each other and fill new roles as your business grows.

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“George has been offering Earthscape consulting services over the past 8 years. In that time, his guidance has helped us grow over 300%, while making our business run more smoothly. I personally have worked less hours every year over the past 4 years, and this has been in part due to George's business advice.”
- Sam Bauman, Earthscape, Ontario
"Our company engaged George to help us implement LMN Software for our business. He especially helped us understand our costs and was crucial to setting up amazing estimating templates for pools, landscapes and maintenance. At the same time he helped us restructure our priorities for improvement. Our company runs so much better now… more responsive, attentive, and thoughtful."
- Christy Richards, The Patio Company, Massachusetts
“George was very attentive and listened to our concerns. He brought many things to our attention on how it should be billed in our business, and therefore ensuring it was costed properly, resulting in us saving money. He had some good tips on how we could organize our garage/shop/yard better as well, making it more efficient.”
- Claudia Baun, B.K.Baun Landscape ltd., Ontario
“After your consulting session, I clearly see and feel the following facts: we have a deeper understanding of our own management and owners' involvement. Our everyday stress level has lowered. More confidence in strategy and decision making. We became way better leaders, and our team is a lot more motivated, seeing our goals clearly.”
- Andras Ivanka, Ivanka Concrete, Hungary
"It is unbelievable in hindsight how far our business has come since working with George. He is always available for advice, and thoughtfully presents the pro’s and con’s of any big decision. He taught me how to take the emotion out of a situation, analyze ONLY the facts and make a decision. We look forward to working with George again."
- Philip Giordano, Giordano Landscaping, Pennsylvania

George discusses the art & science of buying and selling equipment on the Landscape Disruptors Podcast... so you can improve your bottom line.

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Helping your business grow and our industry thrive.

You got into business because you love what you do and want to make a difference. The problem is: business is complex, and to be profitable, you have to make the right decisions for your company so you can avoid costly mistakes. 

We get it. When we began Oriole Landscaping over 35 years ago, we were just kids looking for a way to pay for university. We borrowed money from our parents, worked out of garages and knocked on countless doors to get business.

Within four years, we increased our revenue five-fold and even hired a few of our friends. We did well enough for ourselves, and the majority of our learning came from our mistakes… mistakes that were completely avoidable.

Once we married and had mortgages and families to support, we realized we had to do more to pay the bills. We cautiously raised our prices to see what would happen… and people happily paid our price! For some reason, people who work in the service industry tend to undervalue their work, and we were no exception. 

As sales grew into the millions, we centred our focus on efficiency to keep up the growing demand and subsequent complexity of our business. We standardized our operations, cut waste and implemented various systems to keep things running smoothly. We developed our leadership skills and expanded our knowledge so we could make better decisions in a fraction of the time.


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