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Knowledge Tree Consulting

Value for all:

  • Experienced consultants Peter Guinane and George Urvari both operate a premium brand mid-sized landscaping firm and have been doing so for 33 years. Out of Oriole, 13 years ago, sprung out a successful boutique renovation firm, Solid Space. They are practicing what they are preaching every day.

  • Growing profit while managing growth to create a turn key business that provides quality of life and healthy financial remuneration for employees and owners.

They will share their knowledge and show how you can earn more, work less and finally enjoy your business like you imagined it could be.

  1. Establish short and long term goals (update annually).

  2. Conduct a SWOT analysis of the five pillars.

  3. Identify areas of greatest waste, risk and stress.

  4. Create programs and processes to reduce waste, risk and stress.

  5. Measure and analyze results.

  6. Identify next areas for improvement and repeat.

To discover more about your potential go to KnowledgeTreeConsulting.ca and feel free to contact George or Peter.


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